Forum 2, January 28, 2009: Designing Residential Buildings for Downtown Los Angeles


The Forum at: Thomas Cox Architects, 801 S Grand Ave # 1020, Los Angeles

The Social at: O Hotel Bar

819 South Flower St, between West 8th & 9th Streets, Los Angeles

 When: January 28, 2009, 7-9pm


At this meeting we discussed the process of designing residential buildings for Downtown Los Angeles. Daniel Gehman of Thomas Cox Architects opened the discussion by giving us an insight into the design process of Little Tokyo Block 8, a 750 unit mixed-income and mixed-use residential development in Little Tokyo that Thomas Cox is designing.

The rest of the discussion focused on questions such as:

How do we bring people back to Downtown LA? How do housing developments in downtown integrate into the existing environment? What development strategies have been used in LA or in downtowns around the country? How do economics and city government influence the design process? How do amenities and public space integrate into market-driven developments? What are the economics of bringing housing back to downtown? What are the tradeoffs and costs when it comes to developing affordable housing options in downtown?

Updated: The location of the Social was moved from Tranquility Base to the O Hotel Bar. See you there.