Emerging Urban Designers Forum

What is the Emerging Urban Designers Forum?

Urban design is not an easily defined field. It exists somewhere in-between architecture, planning, landscape architecture, environmental psychology, social policy.  But urban design does have a distinct mission, to improve the built environment, to experiment with the potentials of space.  Urban design is an inherently optimistic profession.

Despite our singular mission, the urban design community is somewhat fragmented.  The work one group is doing won’t necessarily influence the work of another.  The potentials for resource sharing and idea sharing are great within the profession. As the shapers of the City around us, collaboration and networking can yield Big Ideas about how to create great spaces.

The Emerging Urban Designers Forum gives voice to the young and/or emerging urban design community in Los Angeles in recognition of the power of collaboration, of sharing ideas, thoughts, and experiences.   The Forum is held each month at different urban design offices around the City. Designers can see the offices of their cohort and get to know some of the projects they are working on.  They can discuss topics that are relevant to them, many of which they encounter on an everyday basis.  The process of urban design, the rules, policies, and regulations that we must function within, the projects and ideas that we make real, and the innovations that we come up with.

Amber Hawkes and Martin Leitner are Co-Chairs of the Forum. Both Amber and Martin are Urban Designers living and working in Los Angeles.


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