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  • 12:51:40 pm on October 8, 2010 | 0

    Forum 10, September 22, 2010: Urban Agriculture and Open Space in South LA @ Osborn Architects



    Osborn Architects hosted September’s Forum on urban agriculture in South Los Angeles. The forum explored how urban agriculture and access to healthy food can help shape open space in South Los Angeles and how ideas about open space can shape urban agriculture, especially in light of the City Council’s 2008 moratorium on new fast food restaurants throughout a 32-square-mile area of South LA.

    An introduction by Michael Pinto of Osborn Architects opened the discussion.  We looked at three South LA sites and addressed questions such as:

    • What are the possible synergies between open space and urban agriculture in Los Angeles and how can the city better support a local food economy?
    • How can urban agriculture be integrated into South LA communities?
    • Which types of locations lend themselves to urban agriculture?
    • Where will urban agriculture have the greatest impact on providing healthy and local food sources?
    • Can the infrastructure of urban agriculture generate a vision for healthier life styles and urban open space in South LA?


    7pm: The Discussion at Osborn Architects

    320 East Harvard Street

    Glendale, CA 91205



    8:15pm: The Social at Granville Cafe

    807 Americana Way

    (on Brand between Broadway & Colorado)



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