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  • 01:01:49 pm on October 8, 2010 | 0

    Forum 11, October 20th, 2010: Looking at Open Space around Transit in Los Angeles @ Suisman Urban


    Suisman Urban Design hosted October’s open space forum on public transportation in Los Angeles. The forum explored the opportunities transit presents and looked specifically at the role of Pilot Projects in facilitating urban improvements.  How can Pilot Projects be used to get things done? What types of Pilot Projects can be considered when it comes to transportation improvements?  What Pilot Projects are cities around the US doing and what affect are these projects having on the urban realm? 

    An introduction by Doug Suisman and Eli Garsilazo opened the discussion with a presentation on their work on the Wilshire Boulevard rapid bus system and plans for a rapid bus system and comprehensive growth plan in Palestine.  The group also talked about what is lacking in the experience of public space as a transit rider. 

    7pm: The Discussion at Suisman Urban Design


     8:15pm: The Social at Marix Playa


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